Palm tree  ECOPALM microwave treatment on the tree   Total disinfestation of beetles, larva cocoons and red snout-beetles
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The ECOPALM machine with microwave technology was designed and patented to fight and destroy red snout-beetle (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) in all its development phases directly on the palm tree, even with tall trunk.

The ECOPALM machine is a portable powerful industrial microwave device for disinfestation of growing trees. It is quick to install and effective against mould, bacteria, insects and any biological pest without damaging the tree.  

The ECOPALM treatment is ECOLOGICAL, a complete alternative to all other pest control methods because it does not use chemical products and chemical methods, but ultra high-frequency energy thus respecting the environment and the health of the citizens.

The ECOPALM treatment is FAST because the disinfestation times are very short.

The ECOPALM treatment is CLEAN because it does not leave any noxious or toxic residue during and after use.

The ECOPALM treatment is SAFE for operators and citizens alike and can hence be used in public and private places.

The ECOPALM treatment is 100% EFFECTIVE because it can be used as preventive, care and disposal method of the tree.




After pruning the fronds, the branches that remain on the palm tree have a high rate of humidity which encourages spreading of mould and bacteria that emit olfactory molecules with a typical smell that attracts the red snout-beetle. Palm trees are therefore particularly exposed to attack and settling of these beetles. 

In natural conditions, it takes a palm tree several months to heal from pruning and dry out the humidity caused by mould and bacteria.

After cutting off the fronds, the ECOPALM microwave treatment is essential to eliminate this problem, sterilizing the trunk surface from mould, bacteria and rot in just a few minutes and encouraging healing.

This preventive treatment has a long-lasting effect, since it causes the bark to dry out quickly which is then difficult to penetrate and hence the beetles cannot attack and settle.

This method is particularly effective when the palm tree has been attacked by red snout-beetle in whatever stage the parasite has colonised the tree, be it larva, pupa, cocoon or full-grown beetle. At this stage it is difficult to totally eradicate the beetle using chemical methods.
In particular, when the pupa is in its cocoon (highly protective) preparing for metamorphosis or in the long period of time that the larvae remain in the tree, they are difficult to reach with common pesticide treatments and no treatment known today is totally effective.

The aim of the ECOPALM treatment is to eradicate the Rhynchophorus ferrugineus when its infestation is in progress in order to safeguard the tree.

The microwaves penetrate the various layers of the wood and where they strike eggs, cocoons with pupae and all other parasites, they are totally destroyed guaranteeing total disinfestation from any pest.

Use of the ECOPALM  treatment method is indispensable in the advanced attack stage when the palm tree is no longer recoverable. The system is useful to disinfest the tree on the spot, eradicating the red snout-beetle in whatever stage of evolution it is.
After this treatment the palm tree is totally disinfested and can be disposed of in complete safety, no longer “infested” hazardous waste.

During the microwave treatment, there is a major localised effect on the bark of the palm tree where the cocoons with pupae in the metamorphosis stage are situated.

The energy of the microwaves totally eradicates them so that the pupae can no longer complete their evolution and become full-grown beetles.

No other known method allows achieving this result, which permanently interrupts the life cycle of the beetle.
 Palm capitulum dehydrated with ECOPALM microwave system  Treatment of palm tree infested with red snout-beetle (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) Sample of completely disinfected palm capitulum with the ECOPALM microwave system 
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